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Xiao Chi

Authentic Chinese Venue

Our casual yet elegant glass encased Chinese venue– Xiao Chi creates a new culinary Asian world. Meaning “small bites” - Xiao Chi offers a range of traditional Chinese cuisine prepared in a modern style from 8 diverse regions of China to provide a kaleidoscope of dishes to stimulate  sense of congeniality at the table.

Guests can view chef’s dish out their favorite meal at the pristine open-kitchen counter from the fresh and healthiest ingredients. The chic décor and upholstery provides mystical aura to the ambience of the venue. 

Menu at the Xiao Chi represents eight culinary traditions of china- Yue (cantonese): guangdong, Min: fujian, Xiang: hunan (can include xiangjiang region, dongting lake and xiangxi styles), Su (aka huaiyang cuisine): Jiangsu, Lu: shandong (include jinan, jiaodong styles, etc.), Chuan: Sichuan, Zhe: zhejiang (can include hangzhou, ningbo, and shaoxing styles).

A traditional experience of China beckons.

Cuisine: Chinese

Serving Style: À la carte

Dress Code: Casual

Smoking Permitted: No

Operational Hours: 6:30 pm - 12:00 am (Every day), 12 pm to 4pm (Sunday for Brunch)

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